International Friends Community is a new start-up with the goal to break down the barriers of loss of friendsgroup when people move to a new city.

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IFM is a group where you can meet international people in Munich and where you can share your needs or passion with a large community: Administration rules, housing, sport activities, trips, cultural visits, parties … IFM was made to provide you a social connection with people able to answer to your needs and share a passion. It will always be free and it will stay this way!

IFM decided to create this website as a support to help you in your everyday life in Munich: Need info about administrative rules? Looking for a flat? Want to find a new sport partner? … IFM-Website is your new tool to have a better visibility on what is going on around you in Munich. Of course this website won’t replace the Facebook group where you will still be able to share your events, info and needs.

Please check the upcoming events button to get an overview of our upcoming events!

Note: By coming to our events, you allow us to take photos of you as individual or in a group with the sole purpose to promote the activities of this group. Any kind of tags are the responsibility of the individual members of the group. International Friends Community UG (Haftungsbeschränkt) declines all responsibilities towards any tagging. IFC will never tag anybody in the photos. If you want any photo of you removed from the group, or this website, please contact one of the admins via the facebook group

Here is a list of the partners that IFC works with in Munich: CLICK HERE


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Photos from left to right top: Copyright Maher Massaabi, Claudiu Campeanu, Tina Le; from left to right bottom: Tim Stohr, Tim stohr, Luan Pham


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